1. nextyearsgirl:

    Trying to keep track of which of my mutuals hate each other like


  2. lesbiansdo-it-better:

    god’s punishment for being a lesbian is drunk straight girls

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  4. milky chance, flashed junk mind

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  5. Hey, hey, hey mother interstate, can you deliver me from evil, make me honest, make we wedding cake?

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  6. go, everything is running faster for you
    lights out, it’s getting loud
    time will tell

    it’s all on the table, don’t carry it away
    play while you’re still young

    wildcat! wildcat! – garden grays

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  7. twin shadow, to the top

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  8. Do you think about me now and then?

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  9. lykke li, no rest for the wicked

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  10. diversityinya:

    10 Recent Contemporary LGBTQ YA Books

    In honor of Pride month, here are 10 YA books about contemporary LGBT experiences just published this year. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, now’s a great time!